What our Customers say...


My neighbor's house caught on fire and ended up causing smoke damage inside my home. SERVPRO came in and cleaned my house. It looked brand new and shining once they were finished. I was very pleased with their services.

We had a fire in our house from some old wiring in the attic. SERVPRO took great care of our belongings and did a great job cleaning up the house and washing all the surfaces. We appreciate all that they did to help get us back into our home as soon as possible.

We had a kitchen fire in our home and smoke was all over. SERVPRO came in and cleaned everything. The house looked and smelled so great afterward!

We had a roof leak in our home which caused water damage in a few rooms when it rained. The technicians were friendly and explained the process of what they were going to do well.

The wind knocked a tree down which landed our roof. SERVPRO helped coordinate a tree removal company to take care of the tree. Immediately after SERVPRO put on a roof tarp to make sure the rain wouldn't damage inside the home.

SERVPRO cleaned the flooring in our commercial building. The carpet looked great afterward and the hallway linoleum also looked brand new.

SERVPRO handled the cleaning of our house and contents after we had a fire. They were very professional and kind.

I'm a property manager for a few commercial properties. One of the offices had a water damage and a friend had recommended using SERVPRO. We called and they came out right away to take care of the water damage. We were very happy with their services and will use them again for our other properties.

I own a commercial building in La Mesa and recently the building had a water pipe burst. SERVPRO came in and extracted all of the water right away. Their response time was impressive.

The first time it rained this winter our house had water damage. Apparently our roof had a leak in it and we didn't know until it started raining hard. SERVPRO helped put on a roof tarp to prevent further water damage from happening, which was our biggest concern. 

We recently had a water damage in our home from our roof being damaged. A tree had fallen down, causing damage to our roof, and then the rain caused water damage in our living room and kitchen. SERVPRO was great and we will recommend them to everyone.

"Everything was great."

This was my first water leak and my first experience with SERVPRO. Oscar represented SERVPRO well. He deserves recognition for his work!

SERVPRO was amazing. Leticia was wonderful in helping me out and very patient with me since I was unfamiliar with the process. Was responsive and always available.  Everyone was great! Highly recommend.

You did a fantastic job! Thank you!

The team was great, very professional and detail oriented. I highly recommend!

This past weekend, an AC repairman discovered a leaking pipe under my house. My home warranty company sent out a plumber who turned out to be one of the rudest and laziest people I've ever encountered. He claimed there was "a lake of water filled with flies" under my house, refused to go under my house to find the leaking pipe, let alone fix it, and told me I needed to go buy a bag of lyme and crawl under the house and throw it everywhere myself. Because he claimed the underside of my house was filled with water and unsanitary, the home warranty company told me I had to remediate the standing water under the house before they would have a plumber back out. I then called SERVPRO. I am very familiar with their company through my line of work. They sent Oscar and another gentleman whose name I am forgetting (it may of been Gerald, I feel terrible for not remembering.) Almost instantly they found that there was no standing water under my house, no flies, and the structure of the underside of the house was also dry (I have a raised foundation.) Not only this, they identified where the leak was and confirmed the lazy plumber from only three hours prior could have gone under the house and fixed the pipe. Oscar also took photos of the pipe and emailed them to me so I could show my next plumber and the home warranty company. Having them come out to my house and tell me the truth of the matter was such a huge relief for me, and it was such a pleasure to have such professional gentlemen on a service call. Should I ever need help with remediation again, SERVPRO will be the first call I make.

We had ac leaking issues and these guys were recommended to get rid of the mold/decay for our walls. So far they are super nice and doing a great job! We had to reschedule due to issues with our schedule and they were very understanding.

Today was the first day and they did a great job of taking the cabinets off and opening up the wall. They taped/plastic-ed/boxed up everything and have been very thorough and professional. Ill update the review once they are done, but so far so good!

Danny did a really good job with communication both with me in person and also the many times he called me on the phone. He is a great touch point for your company.

The staff was wonderful! Thank you!

Tyrone was very good at communicating with us and resolving a few accidents that occurred.

The customer service we have received all along the way has been wonderful and we will definitely be letting our insurance company know how terrific the services from SERVPRO Sorrento Valley have been.

Every SERVPRO worker we have dealt with has been professional and absolutely wonderful!

Extremely friendly, knowledgeable, on time, and always willing to answer any questions. Totally satisfied with performance. Mike is the tech that helped us, he was extremely professional.

They were great, fast, and professional.

They were great! Did more than I expected. Very professional and caring.

All of the team members were courteous, always prompt, arrived when they said they would, and caused no delays. They also explained the process to us clearly, and let us know what each step of the process would entail.

I don't know much about the process, but the technicians worked according to our insurance carrier's requirements.

Mike was very professional and a pleasure to work with during our crisis.

Martin was the first person I met after the fire. He, and his staff worked tirelessly in order to get us in our home as quickly as possible. Martin even bought me lunch when I forgot mine! When Martin couldn't remove the cooktop due to our insurance carrier being unwilling, Jim showed up and cleaned it himself. If I, or anyone I know ever need cleaning services again, I will absolutely be requesting SERVPRO of Sorrento Valley.

Tyrone, Martin, and the staff at my home allowed us to feel comfortable during a stressful time. They were very accomodating while we were displaced from the house for a long time. 

The staff was very patient and allowed time to answer my questions and explained in detail any issues I was concerned about. 

I would like to thank everyone at SERVPRO Sorrento Valley! Especially Martin for his flexibility and his sesitivity to the situation.